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Top 10 Best Transmission Additives Reviews 2020

Are you looking for the Top 10 Best transmission additives? Well, just grab a cup of coffee and read on! I am a huge fan of Best transmission additives

We spent 41 hours to find a best option for you is a Lubegard 19610 Instant Shudder Fixx, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before.It is the Best transmission additives available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big on transmission additives, then you should absolutely go for LUCAS LUC10009 Transmission fix which comes with all the basic features one could expect in transmission additives.

To help you in your search, we have completed this list of the Best transmission additives.

Top 10 Best Transmission Additives

1. Lubegard 19610 Instant Shudder Fixx

** More Pictures **Lubegard 19610 Instant Shudder Fixx

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Lubegard 19610 Instant Shudder Fixx Friction Modifier is the number one transmission instant shudder eliminator used by more professional transmission technicians This is a five time concentrated friction modifier formulated specifically for eliminating transmission shudder problems instantly Instant Shudder Fixx is compatible with all conventional or synthetic automatic transmission fluids For long term transmission benefits, also use Lubegard Synthetic ATF Protectant (Part Number 60902, sold separately).

  • The original transmission shudder fix
  • A concentrated friction modifier formulated specifically for instantly eliminating torque converter lock-up shudder
  • Provides four times less wear than regular ATF
  • Safe for use in ALL automatic transmissions except Ford Type F, CVT, and DCT
  • Voted top product by transmission professionals

2. LUCAS LUC10009 Transmission fix

** More Pictures **LUCAS LUC10009 Transmission fix

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Lucas Transmission Fix is a non-solvent formula that stops slip, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions and completely eliminates most seal leaks Use in any transmission for preventative maintenance.

3. Lubegard 60902 Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant

** More Pictures **Lubegard 60902 Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant

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LUBEGARD AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID (ATF) PROTECTANT is for use in all automatic transmissions and manuals requiring an ATF, including heavy duty transmissions, such as Allison Use with all synthetic or mineral based DEXRON, MERCON & OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) ATF’s (except Ford Type F ATF & CVT applications) Lubegard controls heat and is especially effective in today’s hotter running front wheel drive vehicles.

  • Prevents overheating, reducing elevated operating temperatures up to 40 degrees Farenheit - Optimizes total transmission performance
  • Eliminates transmission fluid foaming and oxidation and reduces wear throughout the transmission
  • Eliminates clutch chatter and torque converter shudder; Softens and modifies harsh shifts making them quicker in duration
  • Extends fluid life / Raises the thermal and oxidative stability of the fluid
  • Only protectant that increases the fluid's ability to transfer heat / Protects new seals and permanently restores older seals to a like-new

4. XADO Revitalizant EX120 Conditioner for Automatic Gearbox & CVT Tiptronic Transmission Oil Treatment Additive (Box

** More Pictures **XADO Revitalizant EX120 Conditioner for Automatic Gearbox & CVT Tiptronic Transmission Oil Treatment Additive (Box

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EX120 starts repairing scratched and worn metal as soon as it is added to an automatic transmission Revitalizant acts as a catalyst for rebuilding and repairing metal in areas of excessive thermal energy It activates the absorption process of carbon through the surface layer which results in the formation of metal carbides Revitalizant rebuilds parts at a molecular level, atom-by-atom A new durable protective coating is formed with the help of carbides and metal particles.

  • Rebuilds And Restores Metal Parts And Protects Them From Future Wear.
  • Anti Friction Modifier. Eliminates Surfaces Defects & Protects From Extreme Heat
  • Stops Transmission Shudder, Reduces Noise & Vibration. Ultimate Stop Slipping Additive
  • Increases Performance Reliability And Prolongs Service Life Of Control Gears
  • Universal for Automatic, CVT, Tiptronic, Manumatic, Semi-Automatic Transmission

5. Sea Foam 16 Ounce TT-16 Trans Tune Transmission Additive-16 oz

** More Pictures **Sea Foam 16 Ounce TT-16 Trans Tune Transmission Additive-16 oz

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Trans Tune is a petroleum based product comprised of three specific oils, blended in just the right proportions to safely clean varnish deposits in transmission, power steering and hydraulic pump components Trans Tune is compatible with all commonly used petroleum and synthetic based hydraulic fluids used in automatic transmissions, power steering systems, marine transmissions, agricultural equipment and industrial hydraulic lifts.

  • Does not harm or swell seals or alter the viscosity of the transmission fluid
  • Reduces rough or erratic shifting
  • Removes damaging moisture
  • For automatic transmissions, power steering systems and industrial or agricultural hydraulic systems

6. Lubegard 63010 Platinum Universal ATF Protectant

** More Pictures **Lubegard 63010 Platinum Universal ATF Protectant

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Lubegard Platinum Universal ATF Protectant is a uniquely formulated transmission technology used to convert regular Dexron/Mercon ATF into OEM ATF types They can perform like highly friction modified ATFs such as: Honda Genuine ATF, Toyota Type T, Toyota Type T II, Toyota Type T IV, Mopar ATF + 3 (7176), Mopar ATF +4 (9602) and others Lubegard is the number one product used in the transmission repair industry because it's the only product of its kind that has LXE technology.

  • The Original Universal ATF Protectant that Eliminates ATF Confusion and the need to stock multiple ATF's - Dramatically reduces friction and
  • Will not alter the crucial sulfur balance in your transmission fluid, Prevents overheating, Will not harm yellow metals, Inhibits fluid oxid
  • Contains patented Synergol TMS Technology, a synthetic molecule that tightens the shift cycle without losing the friction modification at lo
  • Extends fluid change intervals, Protects and restores seals for optimum performance, Conditions and restores seals and o-rings
  • Does not contain any harmful components such as zinc (ZDDP)/ash, etc., like other competing products, Frees stuck valves and keeps them free

7. Prolong Super Lubricants PSL15000 Transmission Treatment - 8 oz.

** More Pictures **Prolong Super Lubricants PSL15000 Transmission Treatment - 8 oz.

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Prolong Super Lubricants PSL15000 Transmission Treatment - 8-Ounce Bottle is formulated with AFMT advanced technology It is engineered to treat the metal surfaces of both standard (manual) and automatic transmissions As the transmission fluid or gear oil circulates, Prolong Transmission Treatment molecules interact with all of the metal surfaces, chemically bonding to create a protective layer that reduces potentially damaging friction and heat.

  • Includes a Formula with Anti-Friction Metal Treatment Technology
  • Features Engineering Designed to Treat Metal Surfaces Through a Molecular and Chemical Process
  • Offers Molecules that Interact with Metal Surfaces and Chemically Bond to Create a Protective Layer that Reduces Damaging Friction and Heat
  • Offers to Treat the Metal Surfaces of Both Standard (Manual) and Automatic Transmissions
  • Features a Formula that Promotes Smoother Manual Shifts and Helps Restore Responsiveness in Automatic Transmissions

8. Hot Shot's Secret HSSTSE32Z Transmission Restore Additive

** More Pictures **Hot Shot's Secret HSSTSE32Z Transmission Restore Additive

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The requirement for higher performance transmissions lubricants has increased considerably in recent years due to the introduction of new and sophisticated transmission systems The transmission fluid serves as a hydraulic fluid, a heat transfer fluid and lubricating fluid Over time, varnish and sticky residue (station) can form inhibiting the performance of the fluid Our high performance ester formula is a unique lubricity and cleaning agent, that tenaciously attaches itself to all metal parts that it comes in contact with inside the transmission.

  • Reduces operating temperatures
  • Eliminates station from all automatic & CVT transmissions
  • Reduces coefficient of friction
  • Transmission station eliminator minimizes metal to metal contact
  • Eliminates rust & corrosion
  • Smooths out gear changes
  • 5 year shelf life

9. Lucas Oil 10441 20 Ounce Automatic Transmission Fluid Conditioner

** More Pictures **Lucas Oil 10441 20 Ounce Automatic Transmission Fluid Conditioner

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A special blend of Lucas additives designed to PREVENT slipping, leaks and wear in automatic transmissions Improves shifting, Reduces noise and shudder, Extends fluid life Compatible with all ATF fluids, conventional and synthetic Use in new & older transmissions Not for CVT transmissions Will not void new car warranty20 fluid ounces Made in USA.

  • A Special Blend Of Lucas Additives Designed To Prevent Slipping, Leaks And Wear In Automatic Transmissions
  • Improves Shifting, Reduces Noise And Shudder, Extends Fluid Life
  • Through Creativity, Productivity And Innovation - This Brand Continues To Develop The Finest Automotive Accessories

10. zMax 51-306 Transmission Formula

** More Pictures **zMax 51-306 Transmission Formula

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  • Reduced wear on vital parts
  • Improved performance
  • Improved shifting
  • Not for use in CVT transmissions

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